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IBM: 120 million workers need retraining as robots displace jobs

Employers are now emphasising soft skills training, which take more time to develop, says IBM

IBM: 120 million workers need retraining as robots displace jobs

Science & Technology

Are our phones eavesdropping on us?

Smart devices make life easier but security experts say there's a darkside to the technology.

Are our phones eavesdropping on us?

101 East

Fighting Slavery From Space

101 East shows how space technology is helping uncover modern slavery and free bonded workers.

The Big Picture

The World According to AI

How will Artificial Intelligence be used in the future? Who will it be used by and who will it be used against?


Artificial intelligence reinforces power and privilege

Computational surveillance empowers governments and corporations and diminishes accountability.

Cori Crider

by Cori Crider

Cori Crider

Science & Technology

Automatic facial recognition challenged in UK court

Collecting biometric data such as facial scans in mass surveillance schemes undermines human rights, say activists.


The rise of social robots

A glimpse into a future where humans and robots coexist. TechKnow meets social robots in Japan.

Talk to Al Jazeera

When algorithms discriminate: Robotics, AI and ethics

Stephen Roberts discusses the threats and promises of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

People & Power

The Tech Threat

Are advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies leading to fewer jobs and more inequality?