FIFA warned about making ‘superficial’ reforms

Acting US Attorney reminds football’s governing body that changing personnel only will not be enough.

FIFA is set to hold fresh presidential elections in February next year [Getty Images]
FIFA is set to hold fresh presidential elections in February next year [Getty Images]

World football’s scandal-plagued governing body FIFA has been warned by the US prosecutor at the centre of the investigation into its affairs that its reform plans should not be “superficial”.

Kelly T Currie, acting US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, whose office indicted nine football officials with close FIFA ties in May, said that it was monitoring changes at the organisation closely.

“Superficial changes at FIFA to its statues will not be sufficient and likewise, mere changes of personnel in certain positions without a genuine commitment to good-governance will not be sufficient,” Currie told a news conference in Newark.

“As our investigation continues, we will be looking at what reforms are adopted and how they are implemented.” 

FIFA announced on Tuesday that Francois Carrard, former director general of the International Olympic Committee, would head a new reform committee.

“We have a great interest in seeing a successful reform process at FIFA,” added Currie.

“Without getting into any specifics I can say that we hope that reforms will be deep and they’ll be substantial and we hope and believe that FIFA should put in place checks and balances and transparencies and accountability that are appropriate for an organisation of its size and influence,” he said.

Source: Reuters


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