Brazil can win the World Cup – Scolari

Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is confident about his side’s chances of winning the World Cup title at home.

Fans had been jeering their side ahead of the Confed Cup that Brazil won [AP]

Luiz Felipe Scolari is not hiding his optimism with Brazil’s chance to win the World Cup title at home.

The coach has been saying loud and clear that it will be Brazil lifting the trophy at the Maracana Stadium in a few months and believes playing at home with the support of its fanatical fans will be Brazil’s biggest weapon during the World Cup.

“We’re playing at home, we have the fans on our side and a team which is competitive and has a lot of quality,” Scolari said. “We have everything that allows us to be the best team. That’s why I fully trust that we can make it to the final and be the champion.”

I fully trust that we can make it to the final and be the champion

Luiz Felipe Scolari, Brazil coach

Scolari said that what happened during the Confederations Cup last year gave a good indication of what Brazil has going its way ahead of the World Cup.

Fans had been jeering Brazil before the World Cup warm-up tournament but they were fully behind the squad once the tournament began.

In addition, Brazil played extremely well on the field and won the title with five straight victories, including a commanding 3-0 result against defending World Cup champion Spain in the final at the same stadium that will host the World Cup final in July.

“We didn’t have a squad ready at the time [World Cup 2002], so I said that if we finished among the final four teams it would have had to be considered a good result.

“Now I’m playing in Brazil, in front of my people, I have the 12th player (fans) on my side. If I can’t say that we are good, that we have a lot of quality and that we have good players, then there’s nothing I should be doing here.”

Source: AP

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