Djokovic retains Paris Masters title

Top-seed beats Milos Raonic in straight sets to boost his chances of ending the year as the top-ranked player.

    Djokovic has now won three Paris Masters titles [Getty Images]
    Djokovic has now won three Paris Masters titles [Getty Images]

    Novak Djokovic boosted his chances of finishing the season as world number one when he became the first player to retain his Paris Masters title with a 6-2, 6-3 win over big-serving Canadian Milos Raonic in the final.

    The top-seeded Serb, who did not drop a set in Bercy to clinch his third title here, perfectly read the seventh-seeded Raonic's serve to prevail in a one-sided encounter.

    His 600th career win extended Djokovic's unbeaten indoors run to 27 and gave him his 20th Masters title while Raonic, who will have to do more than serve big if to climb up the ladder, lost his second final at Masters level in as many attempts.

    Both players will be taking part in the ATP World Tour Finals from November 9 in London, where Djokovic will be favourite to secure the world number one spot for 2014 after he more than doubled his lead over second-ranked Roger Federer.

    If he plays at the O2 like he has been playing in Paris, he will finish the year on top of the world rankings for the third time.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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