Federer lifts Basel Indoor title with ease

Swiss former world number one Roger Federer eases past Belgian David Goffin to lift trophy for the sixth time.

    It took Federer (R) just 51 minutes to ease past Goffin in the final [EPA]
    It took Federer (R) just 51 minutes to ease past Goffin in the final [EPA]

    Home favourite Roger Federer barely broke sweat as he beat David Goffin 6-2, 6-2 to win the Basel Indoor title for the sixth time on Sunday.

    The Swiss maestro needed only 51 minutes to claim the title and fuel his late charge to end the year as world number one.

    Federer, 33, is now only 500 points behind Novak Djokovic in the ATP rankings with a combined 2,500 points available at the Paris Masters and ATP World Tour Finals in London.

    Belgian Goffin has been the form player of the last quarter of the season, winning 43 of his 45 matches since Wimbledon, including Challenger events, but was no match for a fired-up Federer.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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