Bryan brothers land record Shanghai title

American tennis pair completes sweep of all nine ATP Masters titles in their 101st career tournament win.

    The Bryans have now won 101 of the 152 finals they have made it to [Getty Images]
    The Bryans have now won 101 of the 152 finals they have made it to [Getty Images]

    American twins Bob and Mike Bryan added another accolade to their lengthy resume after taking the Shanghai Masters men's doubles title to become the first pair to win all nine ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments.

    The 35-year-old siblings defeated French Open champions Julien Benneteau and Edouard Roger-Vasselin 6-2, 7-6 on the Chinese hard court to take an unprecedented 101st career title in their 152nd final.

    The Masters 1000 events are the top ranking tournaments on the ATP Tour outside of the grand slams with the Bryans now boasting 31 of them after multiple wins in Indian Wells, Paris, Rome, Monte Carlo, Miami, Toronto, Madrid and Cincinnati.

    They also won the now defunct Hamburg Masters in 2007.

    Sunday's victory was their fifth Masters 1000 title of the season, a joint personal best, after they secured the year-end doubles number one ranking earlier this week for the 10th time.

    "It's another great milestone," Bob said.

    "This week was full of them for us. To come and get in the title match, have a shot at winning the tournament that's eluded us, complete the Golden Masters, is amazing.

    "It was really the last thing left for us to do. We can definitely shut it down today and be happy guys."

    The duo have also won 16 grand slam titles together, a record for a pair, and in 2012 became only the second team to complete a golden slam after they won the London Olympics doubles title.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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