Nadal's coach unhappy with female captain

Toni Nadal has criticised the appointment of former world number 27 Gala Leon as captain of the Spanish Davis Cup team.

    Gala Leon has taken over from Carlos Moya after Spain's relegation [Reuters]
    Gala Leon has taken over from Carlos Moya after Spain's relegation [Reuters]

    Rafael Nadal's coach has criticised the appointment of a woman as the captain of Spain's Davis Cup team.

    Toni Nadal's resposne came after the Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) appointed former women's Tour player Gala Leon as Spain's new Davis Cup captain.

    The RFET handed the 40-year-old Leon responsibility for the country's Davis Cup team following Carlos Moya's decision to step aside last week.

    Leon, the former world number 27, will become Spain's first female Davis Cup captain.

    Nadal, uncle and coach to 14-time grand slam champion Rafa, sounded puzzled when asked about the appointment. Leon's appointment could create problems "at dressing room level", he told Spanish radio.

    "I have had zero relations with Leon and I believe Nadal also zero, he has never mentioned it to me," he said.

    "But it doesn't matter, I have never spoken to her but that doesn't mean anything. It would seem to be more normal if the captain had been someone like Juan Carlos Ferrero, or some ex-player of a certain level, which is what has happened recently."

    Former world number one Ferrero, who retired in 2012, has expressed a desire to captain the team one day.

    Moya quit after five-time winners Spain, fielding a weakened team, were relegated from the elite World Group for the first time in 18 years after a playoff loss in Brazil.

    While Toni Nadal sounded unenthusiastic, Leon received support from Britain's twice grand slam champion Andy Murray who broke the mould earlier this year by deciding to employ former French player Amelie Mauresmo as his coach.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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