Domracheva bags third gold in Sochi

Darya Domracheva completes a hat trick of Olympic gold medals in women's biathlon by winning the 12.5km mass-start race

    Domracheva is also expected to compete in the relay but Belarus are not among the favourites for gold [Reuters]
    Domracheva is also expected to compete in the relay but Belarus are not among the favourites for gold [Reuters]

    Darya Domracheva of Belarus completed an unprecedented hat trick of Olympic gold medals in women's biathlon by winning the 12.5km mass-start race.

    Domracheva, who also won the pursuit and individual race last week, took the lead after four minutes and stayed ahead of the field before finishing in 35 minutes, 25.6 seconds.

    Gabriela Soukalova of Czech Republic was 20.2 seconds behind for silver and Tiril Eckhoff of Norway finished 27.3 behind for bronze.

    Domracheva is also expected to compete in the relay, but Belarus is not among the favourites for gold.

    Russia's gold

    Alexander Zubkov has driven Russia to the Olympic gold medal in two-man bobsledding, teaming with Alexey Voevoda for a one-sided victory.

    Zubkov finished 0.66 seconds ahead of the Swiss team of driver Beat Hefti and brakeman Alex Baumann. Steven Holcomb and Steven Langton of USA won bronze medal, finishing another 0.22 seconds back.

    Women's ice-hockey

    Megan Bozek, Kendall Coyne and Brianna Decker each had a goal and two assists to help the US beat Sweden 6-1 and earn a spot in the gold medal game.

    Jesse Vetter needed just eight saves to help the Americans clinch no worse than a silver medal. The US has medaled in every Winter Games since women's hockey was added in 1998, and just once - with a loss to Sweden in the 2006 semi-finals - failed to reach the Olympic championship game.

    The US will play the winner of the late semi-final between Canada and Switzerland for the gold medal. A victory by Canada would set up a rematch of the 1998, 2002 and '10 finals.

    Women's curling

    Earlier, Britain's women are assured of at least being in a tie-breaker to reach the curling semi-finals after beating Russia 9-6.

    Eve Muirhead's world champion team is 5-3 and can guarantee joining Canada and Sweden in the playoffs with a win against Denmark in the evening session in their final round-robin game.

    Japan defeated China 8-5, leaving both teams tied with Switzerland at 4-4. China plays Switzerland on Monday evening, with the loser eliminated and the winner securing at least a tie-breaker game. Japan plays Sweden.

    The United States (1-8) finished in last place for the second straight Olympic Games after losing 11-2 to South Korea in seven ends. Russia and Denmark also are out of contention for the semifinals.




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