German medal prospect in car crash

German skier Felix Neureuther has been in a car accident after losing control on an icy road to the airport.

    Neureuther missed his flight to Sochi and has been receiving messages of support  [Reuters]
    Neureuther missed his flight to Sochi and has been receiving messages of support [Reuters]

    Alpine skier Felix Neureuther of Germany was involved in a car accident and missed his scheduled flight to the Sochi Olympics.

    The German ski federation said Neureuther was being examined in Munich to see whether he suffered whiplash in the crash.

    Neureuther was driving to the Munich airport when the accident happened and apparently lost control on an icy road and hit the barrier.

    Sochi flight missed

    Neureuther is an expected medal contender in Wednesday's Olympic giant slalom, and in the slalom race that closes the Alpine program next weekend having won World Cup races in both events last month.

    The slalom favorite, Marcel Hirscher of Austria, sent a message of support on his Twitter account to his friend and rival.

    "FelixNeureuther what are you doing!? Get well soon buddy! I'll keep my fingerscrossed, alle the best and (hash)cuinsochi,'' Hirscher wrote. Neureuther aims to follow his mother, Rosi Mittermaier, as an Olympic medalist.

    Mittermaier won gold in downhill and slalom, and silver in giant slalom, at the 1976 Innsbruck Olympics.



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