Last-gasp try seals it for All Blacks

Malakai Fekitoa scores in the last minute; Australia coach resigns following narrow loss against New Zealand.

    The All Blacks had lost to South Africa two weeks ago [Getty Images]
    The All Blacks had lost to South Africa two weeks ago [Getty Images]

    All Blacks centre Malakai Fekitoa scored a last-minute try which Colin Slade converted to give the world champions a dramatic 29-28 victory over Australia in the third Bledisloe Cup test at Lang Park in Brisbane.

    The Wallabies looked destined to emerge from two weeks of turmoil over the Kurtley Beale saga with a famous victory until Fekitoa crossed for New Zealand's fourth try, which replacement flyhalf Slade calmly converted.

    The Bledisloe Cup was already lost for another year but this could have been a win the Wallabies would have cherished after defeats to South Africa and Argentina in their last two outings and the row which could see Beale kicked out of Australian rugby next week.

    The All Blacks were also coming off a loss after their defeat at the hands of the Springboks in Johannesburg two weeks ago and were determined to avoid losing two tests in a row for the first time since 2011.

    Later, Australian rugby was plunged further into crisis when under-fire coach Ewen McKenzie resigned a few hours after the loss.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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