Australia survive late Argentina surge

Australia captain Michael Hooper stars as hosts beat Argentina 32-25 in a tense Rugby Championship match.

    Australia were leading comfortably at the half-time whistle [Getty Images]
    Australia were leading comfortably at the half-time whistle [Getty Images]

    Captain Michael Hooper grabbed a brace as Australia held off a late surge from Argentina to register a 32-25 victory in the Rugby Championship at Robina Stadium, Gold Coast.

    The home side looked to be cruising to victory when they took a 29-17 lead after Peter Betham scored their third try on the hour mark but the Pumas charged back in the last 20 minutes to take the game down to the wire.

    Centre Marcelo Bosch and fullback Joaquin Tuculet added to winger Manuel Montero's first-half try but they were unable to get a fourth to give themselves a chance to square the scores.

    The match ended when referee Glen Jackson awarded a free kick against Argentina replacement scrumhalf Tomas Cubelli for feeding an attacking five-metres scrum too early.                      

    SOURCE: Reuters


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