Key All Blacks pledge their future

Beauden Barrett, Aaron Smith and TJ Perenara commit their futures to New Zealand Rugby Union after a great year.

    Barrett wants to continue his combination with halfback TJ Perenara at the Hurricanes [GALLO/GETTY]
    Barrett wants to continue his combination with halfback TJ Perenara at the Hurricanes [GALLO/GETTY]

    Flyhalf Beauden Barrett and scrumhalves Aaron Smith and TJ Perenara are the latest All Blacks to commit to New Zealand rugby until after next year's World Cup, New Zealand Rugby Union said.

    Smith, who has cemented himself as the All Blacks' first-choice scrumhalf since his 2012 debut, Perenara, who made his Test debut this year, and Barrett have all signed through until the end of 2016, the NZRU said in a statement.

    Experienced prop Tony Woodcock, who has 110 caps for the All Blacks, has also been signed through until after the global showpiece in England next year.

    Securing youthful talent

    Tighthead prop Charlie Faumuina and utility back Tom Taylor have also signed through until 2015.

    "It's great news for the All Blacks and New Zealand rugby, especially with a large number of talented, young players re-committing to the country," All Blacks coach Steve Hansen said in the statement. "It bodes well for the future."

    Prop Jeff Toomaga-Allen, lock Dominic Bird and loose forward Matt Todd, all of whom have won test caps in the last two years but remain on the periphery of the squad, have also signed through until 2016.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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