NZ seal spot in Four Nations' final

Nightingale scores two tries to overcome England and remain unbeaten in the pool; Australia meet Samoa on Sunday.

    Nightingale's first-half efforts ensured his side remained unbeaten [Getty Images]
    Nightingale's first-half efforts ensured his side remained unbeaten [Getty Images]

    Winger Jason Nightingale scored two tries to lift New Zealand to a 16-14 win over England, clinching its place in the final of rugby league's Four Nations Championship.

    Nightingale scored twice in the first half and fellow winger Manu Vatuvei once in the second as New Zealand stayed unbeaten in pool play following its 30-12 win over Australia and 14-12 win over Samoa.

    Ryan Hall scored two tries and Josh Charnley one for England who matched New Zealand's three tries in a game where all tries were scored by wingers.

    Shaun Johnson kicked two goals to Gareth Widdop's one to give New Zealand its two-point advantage.

    Australia and Samoa meet in the final round-robin match in Sydney on Sunday as all three of New Zealand's rivals remain in finals contention.

    The Kangaroos will progess to the final with a win by any margin, Samoa will reach the final if it can beat Australia by more than eight points and England will go through if Samoa wins by fewer than eight points.



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