Moyes' sacking: inevitable but delayed

Man United should have sacked their manager sooner but players must take their share of the blame for a poor season.

    David Moyes' reign at Old Trafford lasted just 10 months [AP]
    David Moyes' reign at Old Trafford lasted just 10 months [AP]

    At last!

    For Manchester United fans, David Moyes’ sacking came as nothing but relief. For the rest of us, it was major disappointment that things did not work out for him at Old Trafford.

    It was important for British football coaching that Moyes was a success at Manchester United. Where is the incentive for bright young British talent if the top jobs keep falling into foreign hands? But that’s a discussion for another day.

    Moyes sacking, despite being inevitable given the state of Manchester United this season, came a bit too late. Why was it too late? It was obvious to anyone who is a regular watcher of the team that the players had 'downed tools' many months ago. I do accept that's this is not an argument for getting rid of the manager. I was very critical of Manchester City when they found themselves facing the same issue and chose to back their players. Roberto Mancini was shown the door and with him went the decade of dominance of the English game by the Manchester club in blue.

    A different club

    Manchester United is different though and it has always been. That is just the way it is. But despite all that has happened, and the way the season has gone for the club, none of the players can feel too proud about their part in the downfall of a genuinely honest and decent bloke.

    Then again, there are mitigating circumstances. Manchester United were champions of England when Moyes got the job. He didn't have too much to do. Just slip into Fergie's shoes and learn the job from those who knew it best - the backroom and coaching staff. That meant leave things alone and letting them be.

    But he sacked them. There was no need to sack Mike Phelan. Rene Meulenstein wanted to try his hand at management. But he should have kept the rest of the backroom staff together. That was the deal when he got the job. Firing the lot was a mistake, a huge mistake. And it also deeply annoyed Fergie.

    Moyes wanted to stamp his authority and personality on the place all too quickly. That was another major mistake too soon after his arrival at old Trafford. Fergie certainly didn't help him. The book was a disgrace. How many times did we hear Fergie say 'what goes on at the club stays within the club'? We’ve heard that on countless occasions over the years.

    Until Fergie writes a book and spills the beans. His theatre tour was a distraction. So was turning up with the team before every game. I'd have had to have shown him where the entrance to the directors box was.

    Moyes at Man United

    Matches: 51

    Win: 27

    Draws: 9

    Losses: 15

    Win %: 53

    Tactical error

    Also, United were in no position to beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-final return-leg. If I was in Moyes’ place, I would've made the decision to let Ryan Giggs loose and see if he could re-ignite the fire. You never know. Passion could have resulted in a win. But that did not happen and United crashed out. The team’s loss to Everton sealed its Champions League fate for a year at least.

    Giggs, who has been named temporary manager of the club, is definitely the eventual successor. He will one day manage Manchester United. However, he must wait out.

    Next, I believe, it will be Louis Van Gaal who turns up at Old Trafford. A big man used to managing big players and big clubs. With how it stands right now, it certainly can't get much worse at Old Trafford.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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