Pak players banned after celebrations

Tousiq, Amjad won't take part in Champions Trophy final after governing body punished them for gestures made at crowd.

    Pakistan players made gestures at the home crowd following the 4-3 win [EPA]
    Pakistan players made gestures at the home crowd following the 4-3 win [EPA]

    Pakistan players Muhammad Tousiq and Ali Amjad have been handed one-match bans for their celebrations following the 4-3 win over India in the semifinals of the Champions Trophy field hockey tournament.

    Both players will miss the final later Sunday against Germany. Midfielder Tousiq has played regularly in previous matches while Amjad is the reserve goalkeeper.

    Pakistan coach Shahnaz Sheikh has already apologised for the team's celebrations which saw a few players - including Tousiq and Amjad - make inflammatory gestures to Indian fans.

    A third player, forward Shafqat Rasool, received an official reprimand.

    The FIH had initially ruled out action but then investigated the matter and made the announcement Sunday after initially refusing to take action despite terming the behavior as "beyond acceptable standards".


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