Another gold winner fails doping test

China's Zhang Wenxiu, winner of gold in the hammer event, has been expelled and stripped of her medal at Asian Games.

    Wenxiu has become the sixth competitor to fail a doping test at these Asian Games [Getty Images]
    Wenxiu has become the sixth competitor to fail a doping test at these Asian Games [Getty Images]

    The Asian Games was hit by yet another doping scandal when China's Zhang Wenxiu was expelled and stripped of the gold medal she won in the hammer throw.

    The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) announced that Zhang, an Olympic medallist in Beijing in 2008, had tested positive for Zeranol, a banned anabolic agent.

    She became the sixth competitor, and the second gold medallist, to fail a drugs test in Incheon, leaving an ugly stain on Asia's biggest multi-sports event, which ends in Incheon on Saturday.

    The announcement came one day after Malaysia's martial arts champion Tai Cheau Xuen lost an appeal to be reinstated after testing positive for a banned stimulant.

    Cambodian soft tennis player Yi Sophany, Tajikistan footballer Khurshed Beknazarov, Iraqi weightlifter Mohammed Jasim Abboo Al Aifuri and Syrian karate competitor Nour Aldin Al-Kurdi also tested positive.

    News of the latest positive test overshadowed the penultimate day's competition where China won another seven gold medals to take their total to 149, with just seven more to be decided on Saturday before the Closing Ceremony.

    Hosts South Korea won another four golds on Friday to lift their total to 77, second overall, while Kazakhstan had an extraordinary day, winning eight golds to remain fourth.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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