Progress made in Rio 2016 preps: IOC

Rio Olympics organisers are showing "great dynamism" to overcome the earlier delays, says IOC President Thomas Bach.

    Despite the progress, Rio is still facing tight deadlines [Getty]
    Despite the progress, Rio is still facing tight deadlines [Getty]

    Brazilian Olympic organisers are benefiting from the successful hosting of the World Cup and showing "great dynamism'' to overcome the delays that have plagued the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, according to IOC President Thomas Bach.

    A day after Brazil's humbling 7-1 loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals, Bach also said he is confident Brazilians will get over their "day of mourning'' and fully embrace the first Olympics to be held in South America.

    We're very happy that many of the concerns which were mentioned before this World Cup did not turn into reality

    Thomas Bach, IOC president

    Bach and the IOC executive board received an update from Rio Olympic organisers, whose preparations have been dogged by severe construction holdups. In April, the IOC enacted emergency measures to help get the games back on track.

    Since then, Bach said, the Brazilians have heeded the warnings and started to make progress.

    "We can really see there is a great dynamism in their preparations,'' Bach said at a news conference at the close of the three-day board meeting. "In particular, the city of Rio and the mayor and the governor have taken action on the government side and are making progress with regard to different venues.''

    However, he again warned that Rio is facing extremely tight deadlines.

    "We have to stay vigilant and there is still no time to lose,'' Bach said. "But you really feel the determination and the enthusiasm of the organising committee and their partners.''

    Brazil's World Cup preparations were also marked by severe delays, with some stadiums only finished at the very last minute. But the tournament has run smoothly without major organisational problems since the start.

    "We're very happy that many of the concerns which were mentioned before this World Cup did not turn into reality,'' Bach said.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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