Marquez's 10-race winning streak ends

Dani Pedrosa wins the Czech GP to end Marc Marquez's bid for a world record 11th consecutive MotoGP win.

    Marquez finished fourth, just over 10 second behind Pedrosa [AP]
    Marquez finished fourth, just over 10 second behind Pedrosa [AP]

    Dani Pedrosa won the Czech Grand Prix to end the season's winning streak of defending world champion Marc Marquez.

    The Spanish rider with Repsol Honda covered 22 laps of the 5.403km Brno circuit in 42 minutes, 47.800 seconds for his 26th MotoGP victory.

    Starting fifth, Pedrosa took the lead after overtaking Jorge Lorenzo with 17 laps remaining before cruising to victory.

    Lorenzo finished second, 0.410 behind, and his Movistar Yamaha MotoGP's teammate Valentino Rossi was third, 5.259 seconds behind Pedrosa. Rossi competed with a left little finger injury he sustained in a crash on Saturday.

    Marquez came fourth, finishing 10.454 behind the leader. After winning all 10 previous MotoGP races, Marquez was seeking a record 11th victory. He started on pole but gradually dropped to sixth before rallying to third but Rossi passed him with 10 laps left.

    "Overall I had a good experience at this track,'' Pedrosa said.

    "It's a little difficult when Marc is winning all the time so I'm very happy.''

    The next race is the British Grand Prix on August 31.

    Marquez still comfortably leads the overall standings with 263 points and seven races remaining. Pedrosa, his Honda teammate, is second with 186 and Rossi is third on 173.



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