Halak's efforts takes Islanders home

NY Islanders goaltender stops 27 shots as the Rangers were beaten in the NHL, while Nashville hammer Vancouver.

    Halak (41) helped his side keep a clean sheet at Madison Square Garden. [AP]
    Halak (41) helped his side keep a clean sheet at Madison Square Garden. [AP]

    Goaltender Jaroslav Halak stopped 27 shots as the New York Islanders dominated the New York Rangers 3-0 at Madison Square Garden.

    The Islanders got goals from Anders Lee, Nikolai Kulemin and Frans Nielsen.

    Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist turned aside 29 of 32 shots and was removed from the game by coach Alain Vigneault to start the third period. Cam Talbot made 12 saves in relief.

    Elsewhere, Nashville improved to 17-2-1 at home with a 5-1 win over Vancouver, pulling away with a flurry of goals in the third period.

    The Predators blew it open with three goals in a 4:07 span when Filip Forsberg, Mike Fisher and Craig Smith scored.

    David Pastrnak delivered his second straight two-goal game, powering Boston past Tampa Bay 4-3.

    Other results:

    Penguins 7, Wild 2

    Hurricanes 3, Avalanche 2 (shootout)

    Red Wings 3, Sabres 1

    Blues 4, Oilers 2

    Jets 8, Panthers 2

    Stars 5, Senators 4

    Sharks 3, Coyotes 2

    SOURCE: Reuters


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