Red Wings bring down the Kings

Nyquist, Datsyuk star for Detroit in the team's 5-2 win in the NHL; Toronto ease past the Blue Jackets with ease.

    Datsyuk (13) had an assist as well in the win over the Kings [Getty Images]
    Datsyuk (13) had an assist as well in the win over the Kings [Getty Images]

    Winger Gustav Nyquist and centre Pavel Datsyuk had two goals and an assist each as the Detroit Red Wings beat the Los Angeles Kings 5-2 at Joe Louis Arena.

    Left winger Tomas Tatar also scored for Detroit, defenceman Niklas Kronwall and centre Henrik Zetterberg had two assists each and goaltender Jimmy Howard made 28 saves.

    Elsewhere, right winger Daniel Winnik and center Phil Kessel each had a goal and two assists, leading Toronto to an almost effortless 4-1 win at Columbus.

    Centre Nazim Kadri added a goal and an assist, while right winger David Clarkson added a goal for Toronto and goal-tender Jonathan Bernier finished with 28 saves.

    Columbus' goal was scored by right winger Cam Atkinson and goaltender Curtis McElhinney had 23 saves.

    Corey Perry scored his league-leading 10th goal and set up Nate Thompson's tally 2:30 into overtime as visiting Anaheim continued to fluster Dallas with a 2-1 win.


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