Pittsburgh Penguins shut out the Sabres

Kunitz scores two goals, Marc-Andre Fleury makes 18 saves for his second consecutive shutout in the NHL.

    Kunitz's (14) brace helped the Penguins seal the win [Getty Images]
    Kunitz's (14) brace helped the Penguins seal the win [Getty Images]

    Chris Kunitz scored two goals and Marc-Andre Fleury needed to make just 18 saves in recording his second successive shutout as the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Buffalo Sabres 5-0.

    It was the fourth successive win for Pittsburgh (7-2-1), who have outscored opponents 19-3 during the streak.

    Elsewhere, Peter Holland snapped a tie with a goal in the third period as Toronto defeated Chicago 3-2.

    Nazem Kadri and James van Riemsdyk also scored for the Maple Leafs.

    Elias Lindholm scored two first-period goals and Carolina went on to record their first victory of the season, defeating Arizona 3-0.

    The outcome in front of 10,870 gave first-year coach Bill Peters his first victory as an NHL head coach.

    Jason Garrison scored the game-winning goal at 2:27 of the third period to help Tampa Bay earn a 4-3 win against Washington.

    Adam Larsson capped a furious third-period comeback with his first goal of the season, leading New Jersey to a 3-2 win over Columbus, who have lost five successive games.

    The short-handed Florida Panthers are suddenly hot, earning at least one point for the sixth successive game by defeating Philadelphia 2-1.

    Other results:

    Bruins 4-2 Senators

    Jets 1-0 Rangers

    SOURCE: Reuters


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