Callahan's late goal seals Lightning's win

Tampa Bay Lightning edge out Detroit Red Wings in the NHL while Chicago score three goals in 94 seconds to beat San Jose

    Callahan (24) also had two assists in his side's win [Getty Images]
    Callahan (24) also had two assists in his side's win [Getty Images]

    Right winger Ryan Callahan scored in the shootout to give the Tampa Bay Lightning a 4-3 victory over the Detroit Red Wings.

    Centre Steven Stamkos scored twice and center Tyler Johnson got the goals for Tampa Bay in regulation.

    Callahan also had two assists and goalie Ben Bishop stopped 17 shots in regulation and overtime.

    Elsewhere, left-winger Benoit Pouliot scored a goal and made an assist as Edmonton defeated the New York Rangers 3-1.

    Centre Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored his fifth of the season for Edmonton, while right winger Teddy Purcell scored his second of the season into an empty net with 1:27 remaining to seal the win. Goaltender Viktor Fasth made 20 saves for the victory.

    Toronto goalie James Reimer made 38 saves to top Ottawa 5-2.

    Toronto winger David Clarkson scored the lone goal of the third period after center Peter Holland had a goal and an assist, and wingers James van Riemsdyk and Josh Leivo and center Mike Santorelli scored goals.

    Chicago scored three goals in a span of 2 minutes, 34 seconds in the second period to beat San Jose 5-2.


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