Sharks extend their winning streak

San Jose seal shootout win over the Washington Capitals to keep winning run intact; Islanders edge out Rangers in NHL.

    Sharks did see their shutout streak come to an end [Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports]
    Sharks did see their shutout streak come to an end [Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports]

    The San Jose Sharks saw their two-game shutout streak come to an end but they rode an early three-goal lead to a wild 6-5 shootout win over Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals, extending their season-opening win streak to three games.

    Joe Pavelski scored the only goal in the shootout as the Sharks improved to 3-0, while the Capitals fell to 1-0-2.

    Elsewhere, Kyle Okposo, Brock Nelson and Mikhail Grabovski scored goals over the first 5:20 of the third period to propel the New York Islanders to a 6-3 victory against the New York Rangers.

    New Jersey's Mike Cammalleri scored a power-play goal at 11:19 of the third period to lead the Devils to a 2-1 victory at the Tampa Bay Lightning.

    Dallas center Tyler Seguin had three goals and an assist, and Jamie Benn had a goal and three assists, leading the Stars to their first victory of the season, a 4-2 win at Columbus.

    Rookie center William Karlsson scored in his first shootout attempt, lifting the Anaheim Ducks to a 4-3 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers.

    Phil Kessel scored 34 seconds into overtime and the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Colorado Avalanche 3-2.

    Rookie left winger Tanner Pearson scored twice as the Los Angeles Kings romped to a 6-1 win over the Edmonton Oilers.

    Zemgus Girgensons scored in the eighth round of the shootout as the Buffalo Sabres defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 4 3 in a matchup of winless teams.

    Calgary Flames center Joe Colborne scored the only goal of a shootout and goaltender Karri Ramo stopped all three shots as the Flames notched a 3-2 win over Nashville.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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