Stars in playoffs after six years

Trevor Daley scores and adds assist to help his side to a 3-0 win over the St Louis Blues and seal their spot.

    Trevor Daley (6) helped this side clinch the final playoff spot in the western conference [Reuters]
    Trevor Daley (6) helped this side clinch the final playoff spot in the western conference [Reuters]

    The Dallas Stars got a goal and an assist from defenceman Trevor Daley to earn their first playoff spot in six years in a 3-0 home shutout of the St Louis Blues.

    Playoff-bound St Louis, who were without several key players, lost their fifth straight game.

    Elsewhere, the Tampa Bay Lightning got two goals from veteran defenseman Eric Brewer to down the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2 at home.

    Goal-tender Cam Ward made 28 saves and the Carolina Hurricanes held on for a 2-1 road win over the Detroit Red Wings.

    Martin Brodeur, in perhaps his final start with the New Jersey Devils, went out on a down note as the New York Islanders won 3-2 on the road.

    Washington centre Jay Beagle notched the first two-goal game of his NHL career and goal-tender Jaroslav Halak had his first shutout as a member of the Capitals in an emphatic 4-0 home win over the Chicago Blackhawks.

    The San Jose Sharks beat the Colorado Avalanche 5-1 as left winger Tomas Hertl returned to action after undergoing knee surgery in December.

    Winnipeg defenceman Paul Postma made it a memorable night in the same rink as his junior days by scoring his first NHL goal of the season as the Jets beat the Calgary Flames 5-3.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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