Scott in 3-way lead at Australian PGA event

Fires three-under 69 to join Ormsby and Strange at the top of the leaderboard after third round of Australian event.

    Scott had started the third day two shots off the lead [REUTERS]
    Scott had started the third day two shots off the lead [REUTERS]

    Adam Scott fired a three-under-par 69 to join Wade Ormsby and Scott Strange in a three-way tie for the lead after the third round of the Australian PGA Championship.

    Scott started the day two shots behind Ormsby and Strange but made up the ground after his two playing partners shot 71.

    American Boo Weekley, who led after the first round, kept himself in the hunt with a 69 that featured a chip-in for eagle on the par-five 12th.

    Weekley finished the day at a combined nine-under, one behind the leading trio, and tied for fourth with Australia's Jason Scrivener, who signed for a 68.

    New Zealand's Michael Hendry climbed to outright sixth place, at eight under, after shooting a 67, the best round of the day.

    Scott, defending the title he won last year at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast near where he was raised, had four birdies and one bogey in his round but was unhappy with his putting.

    "The winner ends up making putts, so I need to make a few," he told reporters.

    "It was tough today to go super-low with the tricky conditions but hopefully the wind is a down a little and there could be a few birdies up for grabs out there."

    The world number three will go into the final day as a heavy favourite to claim his sixth title on the Australasian PGA Tour.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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