Dramatic playoff win for Chalmers

Greg Chalmers wins the Australian PGA event for the second time after beating dam Scott and Wade Ormsby.

    Chalmers won the title on the seven extra hole [Getty Images]
    Chalmers won the title on the seven extra hole [Getty Images]

    Greg Chalmers won the Australian PGA Championship for the second time after a dramatic three-way playoff with Adam Scott and Wade Ormsby.

    Chalmers clinched the title when he safely parred the seventh extra hole when Scott three-putted for bogey after the trio had finished the fourth round tied at 11-under-par.

    Scott squandered a handful of chances to clinch the title with his errant putting while Ormsby missed a routine four footer on the second extra hole that would have given him the championship.

    All the while, Chalmers kept scrambling away. The left-hander shot a flawless final round of eight-under-par 64 just to get into the playoff then kept his nerve to win the longest ever playoff in an Australasian PGA Tour event.

    "That was just phenomenal. I'm worn out," the 41-year-old said. "I hit it off line, but I don't panic. I did it all week and I did it sometimes today, but I have a short game that I hold in pretty decent regard."

    New Zealand's Michael Hendry closed with a 71 to finish fourth at nine-under, one stroke ahead of American Scott Stallings (71) and two clear of Boo Weekly (74) of the United States.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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