US set up Ryder Cup Task Force

Beaten team forms 11-man panel, including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, to examine 'entire Ryder Cup process'.

    US were beaten for the eighth time in the last 10 editions [REUTERS]
    US were beaten for the eighth time in the last 10 editions [REUTERS]

    Former world number one Tiger Woods and five-time major champion Phil Mickelson have been named on an 11-man United States Ryder Cup Task Force.

    The PGA of America, smarting from Europe's eighth win over the US in 10 editions of the team event last month, announced the group would examine "the entire Ryder Cup process" including the selection of the captain and the points qualifying system.

    The Task Force will also contain past captains Ray Floyd, Tom Lehman and Davis Love III, players Rickie Fowler, Jim Furyk and Steve Stricker, PGA secretary Paul Levy, PGA chief executive Pete Bevacqua and PGA vice president Derek Sprague.

    "The Ryder Cup is our most prized competitive asset and the PGA of America is committed to utilising our utmost energy and resources to support one of the biggest events in all of sport," said president Ted Bishop.

    "The Ryder Cup Task Force, co-chaired by Derek Sprague and Pete Bevacqua, is an exciting and comprehensive initiative that will guide the PGA in developing the right strategy and building ongoing processes and infrastructure for future generations of US teams."

    Woods, who missed last month's 16 1/2 points to 11 1/2 defeat by Europe in Scotland, welcomed the setting up of the Task Force.

    "I think this is a great step by the PGA to accomplish what we all want - to win the Ryder Cup," Woods said.

    "The Ryder Cup is very important to every player who has the honour to represent his country. I'm excited to be part of this group."

    SOURCE: Reuters


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