McIlroy keeps nerves to win Open

Northern Irishman becomes youngest golfer to win three majors after a 71 on the final day landed him the title.

    McIlroy beat Fowler by two shots on the final day to take home the $1.67m prize [REUTERS]
    McIlroy beat Fowler by two shots on the final day to take home the $1.67m prize [REUTERS]

    Rory McIlroy suffered several anxious moments but kept the jitters in check to rubber-stamp his status as the newest golfing great by landing the first British Open title of his career.

    The 25-year-old Northern Irishman watched Sergio Garcia (66) cut his overnight lead from six strokes to two before repelling the last-round charge by his European Ryder Cup team mate to land his third major in a tantalising finish.

    McIlroy returned a closing 71 for a 17-under total of 271 to become the third youngest player in history to capture three of the four majors, following Jack Nicklaus (23) and Tiger Woods (24).

    British Open

    Final leaderboard (Top-8)

    271 Rory McIlroy (Britain)
    273 Rickie Fowler (US)
          Sergio Garcia (Spain)
    275 Jim Furyk (US)
    276 Marc Leishman (Australia)
          Adam Scott (Australia)
    277 Edoardo Molinari (Italy)
          Charl Schwartzel (South Africa)

    "It wasn't easy today and I just needed to stay focused, in the present and keep my concentration," he told the BBC after picking up a first prize of $1.67m. "The lead never got less than two shots so I always thought I had a little bit of a cushion. To be three legs towards the grand slam is a pretty good achievement and it feels incredible."

    Garcia, still striving to shed the unwanted tag of being one of the best players never to win one of the 'Big Four' prizes, pushed the 2011 US Open and 2012 U.S. PGA champion all the way before settling for a share of second place.

    The Spaniard was right in the hunt until he suffered a calamity at the 161-yard 15th, the shortest hole at Royal Liverpool.

    Garcia's tee shot found a deep greenside bunker and he made a heartbreaking bogey four after taking two strokes to get out.

    He ultimately shared runners-up spot with American Rickie Fowler on 273. Fowler was always on the fringe of the battle as he closed with a well-crafted 67.

    Woods, playing among the back markers, ended his campaign with a disappointing three-over 75 for 294, six over.

    The former world number one was making only his second competitive appearance since undergoing a back operation in March.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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