Kaymer romps to US Open title

Martin Kaymer secures his second major title and first US Open after a dominant start-to-finish win at Pinehurst.

    Kaymer mixed two birdies with one bogey in the last six holes on a fast-running layout [AFP]
    Kaymer mixed two birdies with one bogey in the last six holes on a fast-running layout [AFP]

    Germany's Martin Kaymer coasted to his second major victory by eight shots with a commanding performance final round at the US Open.

    Five ahead at the start of another humid day at Pinehurst Resort, the 29-year-old from Dusseldorf left his closest pursuers trailing in his wake as he closed with a one-under-par 69 on the challenging  number two Course.

    Kaymer, who landed his first major crown at the 2010 PGA Championship, mixed two birdies with one bogey in the last six holes on a fast-running layout where danger lurked at every corner to post a nine-under total of 271.

    I didn't make many mistakes, you know, in the last two wins that I had in America, especially this week.

    Martin Kaymer, US Open champion

    The former world number one became the first German to win the US Open, and the seventh player to complete a wire-to-wire victory at the year's second major.

    After soaking up a standing ovation as he walked along the 18th fairway and on to the green, Kaymer sank a 12-foot putt for par, dropping his putter in delight a few seconds before the ball disappeared into the cup.

    "The way I played I was very happy, and the way I kept it together yesterday," Kaymer told reporters, referring to the 72 he shot in brutal scoring conditions during Saturday's third round.

    "And that gave me a good cushion for today. I didn't make many mistakes, you know, in the last two wins that I had in America, especially this week."

    Building on success

    Kaymer gained a major confidence boost from his victory at the elite Players Championship last month, his second career title on the PGA Tour.

    American Rickie Fowler, who played with Kaymer in the final pairing, carded a 72 to finish tied for second at one under, level with compatriot Erik Compton, who also signed off with a 72 in only his second major appearance.

    However, the tournament was Kaymer's to win or lose as he headed into the final round with a commanding lead and he prevented his rivals from making significant inroads as he mixed aggressive golf with careful recovery work as and when needed.

    England's Justin Rose, who won last year's US Open at Merion, finished in a tie for 12th at three over after shooting a 72, one stroke worse than Australian world number one Adam Scott (69).

    SOURCE: Reuters


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