Every wins maiden title in Florida

American Matt Every overhauls Masters champion Adam Scott to record his first victory on the US PGA Tour.

    Florida-born Every, 30, fired a final round 70 to win his maiden title by one stroke as Scott faded to third [AFP]
    Florida-born Every, 30, fired a final round 70 to win his maiden title by one stroke as Scott faded to third [AFP]

    An emotional Matt Every clinched his first PGA Tour victory in dramatic fashion when he surged past a faltering Adam Scott to win the $6.2 million Arnold Palmer Invitational by one stroke in Florida.

    Every, who started the final round four strokes behind Scott, charged to the front with four birdies in a sizzling five-hole stretch around the turn.

    The 30-year-old built a three-shot lead, before bogeying the 16th and 18th holes, missing a five-footer at the last that opened the door for Keegan Bradley.

    Bradley, however, missed a 30-foot birdie putt that would have forced a playoff, while Scott finished two shots behind after a 76.

    "You get there so many times and it's nice to get it done," said Every, who had a 70 to finish at 13-under-par 275.

    "That (missed at the last) was a bummer as I would have been to celebrate there, but I'll take it."

    World number two Scott, who had a chance to take over as world number one from Tiger Woods, led by eight strokes after 35 holes, but played the final 37 holes in four over.

    His putter deserved him on Sunday, no more conspicuously than at the par-five 16th, where he had a chance to make an eagle and tie Every, only to three-putt from 20 feet.

    Suspended in 2010

    The PGA Tour suspended Every for three months during his rookie season in 2010 for conduct unbecoming a professional after he and two others were arrested on misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession in Iowa.

    The charges were later dropped but the PGA Tour suspension remained.

    Every lost his PGA Tour card that season and was relegated to the secondary tour for a year before earning his way back to the big stage.

    Now he is off to the Masters, and $1.116 million richer after winning in his 93rd start on tour.

    Scott was left to rue his inability to close the deal in his final start before defending his Masters title April 10-13.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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