Rosberg on pole for German GP

F1 championship leader Nico Rosberg fastest in qualifying while Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton crashes out.

    Rosberg leads Hamilton by four points in the championship table [AP]
    Rosberg leads Hamilton by four points in the championship table [AP]

    Formula One leader NicoRosberg put Mercedes on pole position for his home German Grand Prix while teammate and title-rival Lewis Hamilton crashed early in the session.

    Hamilton, who is four points behind Rosberg in the standings after nine of 19 races, qualified 16th but should start 15th after a penalty is applied to Sauber's Esteban Gutierrez.

    Finland's Valtteri Bottas joined Rosberg on the front row for Mercedes-powered Williams, with Brazilian teammate Felipe Massa qualifying third on a searingly hot afternoon at Hockenheim.

    Red Bull's quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel, a home winner last year when the race was held at the Nuerburgring, qualified only sixth and behind Australian team mate Daniel Ricciardo in fifth. 

    SOURCE: Reuters


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