Rosberg takes the pole in Canada

The Mercedes rivalry continues with seething Lewis Hamilton looking to gain revenge on his teammate for Monaco.

    Rosberg takes the pole in Canada [Getty Images]
    Rosberg takes the pole in Canada [Getty Images]

    Nico Rosberg has earned the pole position for the Canadian Grand Prix.

    The Formula One points leader had the fastest lap in qualifying, completing the 4.361km Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in his Mercedes in 1 minute, 14.874 seconds. Teammate Lewis Hamilton was second, just 0.079 seconds slower.

    Defending Formula One champion and last year's winner in Montreal, Sebastian Vettel, was third.

    The Mercedes teammates continued their Formula One domination. They have won all six races so far this year, and taken the pole position in all six events.

    Rosberg holds a four-point lead in the championship standings, 122-118, over 2008 world champion Hamilton.



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