No change of plans for Alonso

Ferrari driver insists he will not change tactics despite seeing his F1 championship lead slashed ahead of Korean GP.

    No change of plans for Alonso
    Wins in the last two races for rival Sebastian Vettel, right, have enabled the Red Bull driver to set up a head-to-head battle with Alonso [GALLO/GETTY]

    Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso sees no reason to change his attacking tactics at this weekend's Korean Grand Prix even though his lead in the Formula One drivers' championship has been reduced to just four points over defending champion Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull.

    Alonso has won three races this year but has not taken chequered flag since the German GP in July.

    His lead was slashed further when he crashed out at the first turn of last weekend's Japanese GP, where Vettel earned a second consecutive victory.

    "We've been attacking all races, the approach to all races is to get maximum points,'' Alonso said on Thursday.

    "Sometimes we've been on the podium, sometimes fourth or fifth. We can't overdrive or over-do what is needed for us. This will not change now.''

    Costly collisions

    Alonso had a 34-point lead after winning in Germany but was the innocent victim of first-lap collisions in Belgium and Japan.

    "We all need some good points this weekend, but it's the same for everyone,'' Alonso said.

    "We've been pushing all season and nothing will change in the last five races.''

    Alonso nearly had his head clipped when Romain Grosjean's Lotus flew over him in a wild, multi-car accident at the start of the Belgian GP.

    On Thursday, Grosjean, who was also involved in a first-lap collision with Red Bull driver Mark Webber in Japan, said he would do everything possible to avoid similar incidents in Sunday's race.

    "With the team, I have spoken a lot. They are not happy, and I am not happy with the way I have been doing the first laps,'' Grosjean said.

    "There are 550 people working hard at Enstone and, if you ruin everything on the first lap, it is not good.''

    Webber said he considered the matter closed after receiving an apology from Grosjean.

    "I went to see Romain and we had a discussion about it, so that was that,'' Webber said.

    Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen is third in the standings, 37 points behind Alonso despite not having won a race this season. Mercedes-bound Lewis Hamilton is fourth, 42 points back.

    Vettel said it was too soon to count Hamilton out of the title race.

    "They are still fighting for the championship, I think that is their target,'' Vettel said.

    "If you look at the races since the summer break, the McLaren has been the most competitive car. They are competitive no matter where they go, so they still have a good chance.''



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