Hamilton is back to business in Monza

The Ferrari supporters are out in force in Monza as Lewis Hamilton puts speculation behind him to record fastest lap.

    Hamilton is back to business in Monza
    Lewis Hamilton is happy to keep people guessing about his next move in the lucrative sport [GETTY]

    Lewis Hamilton shut out the swirl of paddock speculation about his Formula One future and focused on lapping fastest in practice for the Italian Grand Prix on Friday.

    The 27-year-old Briton led a McLaren one-two at the top of the timesheets with a best lap of one minute 25.290 seconds in brilliant sunshine while Jenson Button, winner in Belgium last weekend, was 0.038 slower.

    Hamilton has been the main talking point of the weekend with the rumour mill suggesting he could leave McLaren, who have won the last two races, to switch to Mercedes in place of Michael Schumacher.

    "Of course every now and then it pops into your mind but then you have to remember you have to keep your eye on the ball, and that's the most important thing at the moment," said the 2008 champion, sounding relaxed.

    "I'm just trying to focus on the weekend. Everyone is asking the question, but I'm just trying to remain focused on the job at hand at the moment. 

    "It's a beautiful circuit, really absolutely stunning to drive. Obviously great weather and incredibly high speed and when you get the flow right it's just such a great feeling."

    'We love you'

    Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, the championship leader, was third but the afternoon ended with worried faces after the Spaniard slowed on track and cruised back to the pitlane with an apparent gearbox problem.

    The team quickly calmed fears of a grid penalty for a gearbox change, saying Alonso was using an old one under Friday regulations.

    Alonso had also slowed and parked up in the morning session led by former Ferrari favourite Schumacher, hailed by the partisan crowd as one of their all-time idols and showing he still also had plenty of pace in his Mercedes.

    With the Monza grandstand festooned with banners hailing both the great German and Alonso in almost equal measure, Schumacher had lapped the fastest circuit on the calendar in 1:25.422.

    "Michael we love you" and "Michael, we will always be with you" were among the banners, some in Italian, testifying to the continuing adoration of a driver who won five of his seven championships with Ferrari.

    The 43-year-old was slowed in the afternoon with problems with the DRS rear wing system but the gearbox that had given him trouble in Spa ran without incident.

    Button, runner-up at Monza for the past three seasons, was also second fastest in that morning session.

    "It's always nice to be back in Monza as I am still so warmly welcomed by all the tifosi," said Schumacher.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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