Fernando Alonso breaks away at the top

Alonso leads from the front to win the German Grand Prix and open up a 34 point gap at the top of the standings.

    Fernando Alonso breaks away at the top
    Sebastian Vettel (L) and Jenson Button (R) douse race winner Fernando Alonso in champagne [Reuters]

    After an unpredictable start to the F1 season, Fernando Alonso restored some order after claiming his third race win at the German Grand Prix on Sunday. 

    He led from pole position to chequered flag to win at Hockenheim and extended his lead at the top of the Formula One championship to 34 points.

    "It was tough. Maybe we were not the fastest in dry conditions but we were competitive to retain the lead,'' Alonso said.

    "Jenson was putting a lot of pressure.''

    Germany's world champion Sebastian Vettel finished second for Red Bull, overtaking McLaren's Jenson Button on the
    penultimate lap in a controversial move that stewards were investigating.

    Vettel, who has yet to win his home grand prix and indeed any race in July, went wide and off the track to get past the

    "I am sorry, but we never really had a chance to get close to Fernando Alonso"

    Sebastian Vettel  

    "They are going to investigate your overtake you know," Button said to Vettel afterwards.

    "I didn't know where you were," replied the German, who has yet to win a race on home soil.

    "I was fighting like a lion, but I had nothing left," he said.

    "I am sorry, but we never really had a chance to get close to Fernando Alonso."

    Alonso's win was Ferrari's 219th and the Spaniard's third of the season.

    The Ferrari driver now has 154 points to 120 for Red Bull's Australian Mark Webber, who finished eighth. Vettel, if the
    stewards uphold his second place, has 118 after 10 of the season's 20 races.

    Button's podium finish was a boost for him and McLaren after they struggled in recent outings but it was soured for the team by Lewis Hamilton suffering a puncture early in his 100th race and having to retire.

    Alonso started on pole and held off challenges from Vettel and then Button as he stormed to victory in warm, sunny
    conditions, a stark contrast from the heavy rain which fell during practice and qualifying.

    Alonso, who won on the last occasion a Grand Prix was staged at Hockenheim two years ago, briefly surrendered his lead after the first of his two pit stops but the double champion otherwise dominated the race.

    Webber, winner of the previous race at Silverstone, had started eighth after a five place demotion on the starting grid
    for an unauthorised gearbox change.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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