Vettel on brink of Formula One world title

Red Bull driver holds off Jenson Button to win Singapore GP and is one point from becoming youngest double world champ.

    Vettel takes a pitstop on the way to victory [GALLO/GETTY]

    Sebastian Vettel demonstrated his supremacy on Sunday when he won the Singapore Grand Prix to move within a point of becoming the youngest double world champion in Formula One history.

    The 24-year-old German, the defending champion and runaway leader of this year's title race, drove from pole position to the chequered flag in flawless style in his Red Bull car.

    He won the floodlit 61-lap night race by a controlled 1.7 seconds.

    Briton Jenson Button finished second in his McLaren to keep the title race just about alive with five races remaining.

    Australian Mark Webber in the second Red Bull finished third.

    Touching distance

    Vettel now requires just a solitary point to claim his second title in succession and can only be beaten to the title if Button wins all five of the remaining races while the German fails to score a further point.

    Two-time world champion Spaniard Fernando Alonso, who needed to finish on the podium to keep his own challenge for the drivers' title alive, came home fourth ahead of Briton Lewis Hamilton in the second McLaren.

    The Englishman produced a typically spectacular drive including five pit-stops, a collision and a charge from 16th through the field.

    Another Briton, Paul Di Resta, came home sixth for Force India, his best result to date in his rookie season in Formula One, ahead of Germans Nico Rosberg in seventh for Mercedes and Adrian Sutil in the second Force India.

    Felipe Massa of Ferrari, who was the victim of a collision with Hamilton in the early stages of an incident-filled contest, came home ninth.

    Mexican Sergio Perez, whose collision with Michael Schumacher saw the German eliminated from the race, finished 10th.



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