Massa does not fear Hungaroring

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa prepares to take on the circuit where he came close to losing his life two years ago.

    The 2009 season came to a premature end for Massa when qualifying for the Hungary GP ended in disaster [GETTY] 

    Felipe Massa is looking forward to a break back in Brazil but he already feels at home at the Hungarian Grand Prix given the way he was looked after following his serious accident here two years ago.

    The Ferrari driver suffered life-threatening injuries when he was struck on the helmet by a stray suspension spring and missed the rest of the 2009 Formula One season.

    However, instead of fearing his second return to the Hungaroring, the Brazilian feels totally comfortable and is gunning for a further improvement on the track in Sunday's race after a strong showing in Germany last weekend.

    "It's a circuit I really enjoy to drive, (even if) I always had little problems in weekends here," Massa, outshone for a season and a half by team mate Fernando Alonso, told a news conference on Thursday.

    "2009, my accident, for sure every year something happens. Last year was the best one when I finished fourth. I hope this year, we can finish on the podium and try to win. It's a place I love to come, after my accident I have a lot of fans here.

    "I hope this year, we can finish on the podium and try to win. It's a place I love to come, after my accident I have a lot of fans here"

    Felipe Massa

    "I was with doctor who operated on me yesterday, it's always a pleasure. It's something you will never forget," added the diminutive driver, sixth in the overall standings.

    Massa was robbed of fourth place at the Nuerburgring last Sunday, which would have been his best display of the year, when a late bungled pitstop allowed world champion Sebastian Vettel to get past him.

    Fifth and being so close to the championship leader was a still a positive step up for the Brazilian, who has been confirmed for Ferrari for 2012 and hopes to come roaring back in Belgium on August 28 after F1's mid-season break following this race.

    "I will go to Brazil, a little bit of time at home is always good. It's winter but home is always home," he said with a smile as rain pelted down on the track outside.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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