S Korea shock Aus to top group

Lee Jeong-hyeop scores the only goal as hosts edged out in Asian Cup Group A match; Oman seal 1-0 win over Kuwait.

    South Korea's Lee Jeong-hyeop scored in the shock win over Australia [Reuters]
    South Korea's Lee Jeong-hyeop scored in the shock win over Australia [Reuters]

    South Korea upset Australia 1-0 at the Asian Cup to top the Group A standings and secure a potentially easier path to the final while leaving the host nation facing a treacherous route.

    Group A
    Teams Matches   GD   Points 
    S Korea  3 +3 9
    Australia  3 +6 6
    Oman 3 +2 3
    Kuwait 3 -5 0

    Striker Lee Jeong-hyeop scored a perfectly-executed goal in the first half to give his team a surprise lead then the Koreans held on against a wave of Australian attacks to clinch the victory.

    The win meant South Korea finished at the top of the Group A standings with three wins and will play either Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia in the quarter-finals.

    As Group A runners-up, Australia will play the Group B winners China with the defending champions Japan lurking as a possible semi-finalist.

    In the other Group A match, being played at the same time in Newcastle, Oman beat Kuwait 1-0 to finish third in the group, courtesy of a 69th minute header from Abdul Aziz Al-Maqbal.

    Neither team had the chance to advance after losing their first two matches.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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