Zola named new Cagliari coach

Former Chelsea man returns to the Serie A club he played for and replaces Dzenek Zemen who was sacked this week.

    Zola's new side currently sits 18th in the league [Getty Images]
    Zola's new side currently sits 18th in the league [Getty Images]

    Gianfranco Zola will be the new coach of Serie A side Cagliari, replacing Dzenek Zemen, who was sacked this week after two wins in 16 matches left them in the relegation zone, the club said.

    "Welcome back, Gianfranco," the club said on its website announcing the appointment of Zola, who previously played for the Italian club as well as English Premier League side Chelsea.

    The 67-year-old Zemen, a Czech, took charge of Cagliari in July but the Sardinians have not won a home league game in this campaign and sit 18th, with only Cesena and Parma below them.

    Zeman was fired by AS Roma last February following a disastrous nine months in charge that saw the club lose nine times in 23 games, leaving them languishing mid-table.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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