Silva, Zabaleta take Man City through

English side edges out Roma to reach Champions League knockouts; Barcelona rout PSG; Chelsea beat Sporting.

    City needed to draw or win against Roma to qualify [Getty Images]
    City needed to draw or win against Roma to qualify [Getty Images]

    Manchester City concluded one of the great Champions League Houdini acts as they qualified for the knockout stages with goals from Samir Nasri and Pablo Zabaleta sinking Roma 2-0 to eliminate the Italians at the Stadio Olimpico.

    Elsewhere, Neymar scored a spectacular goal as Barcelona came from behind to beat Paris St Germain 3-1.

    Former Barcelona striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic put the French side ahead after 15 minutes with their first threat on goal but Lionel Messi restored parity as he maintained his remarkable scoring form with his eighth goal in Europe this season.

    The Argentine slotted in at the far post from a Luis Suarez cross and although they continued to look exposed at the back, Neymar scored with a drive from distance which nestled in the corner of the net.

    It was a disjointed performance from Barca and they were hanging on before Suarez knocked in a rebound from a Neymar shot that was saved by Salvatore Sirigu.

    Chelsea gave a helping hand to a former hero  by rounding off the Champions League group stage with a 3-1 victory over Sporting which sent the Portuguese side packing and opened the door for Schalke 04 to reach the last-16.


    Bayern Munich 3-0 CSKA Moscow

    Roma 0-2 Manchester City

    Ajax 4-0 Apoel Nic

    Barcelona 3-1 Paris St G

    Chelsea 3-1 Sporting Lisbon

    NK Maribor 0-1 Schalke

    Ath Bilbao 2-0 BATE Bor

    FC Porto 1-1 Shakt Donsk

    SOURCE: Reuters


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