Welbeck, Rooney seal England's win

Captain Rooney scores in his 100th game for England as hosts seal fourth successive win in Euro 2016 qualifying.

    Welbeck put England ahead in the 66th minute [Getty Images]
    Welbeck put England ahead in the 66th minute [Getty Images]

    Wayne Rooney won his 100th England cap and scored a penalty to lead his team to a 3-1 win over Slovenia in a Euro 2016 Group E qualifier at Wembley that only came to life after halftime.

    The England skipper scored with a thunderous spot kick after 59 minutes having been fouled by Slovenia captain Bostjan Cesar as he moved level with Jimmy Greaves as his country's joint-third highest scorer on 44 goals.

    Rooney's equaliser came two minutes after Slovenia took the lead when Milivoje Novakovic whipped in a free-kick and Jordan Henderson sent a header flying past Joe Hart for an own goal.

    England secured the win with two goals from Danny Welbeck who put ahead after 66 minutes with a scrappy left-foot shot before making it 3-1 six minutes later after fine build-up play on the left culminated in a superb one-two with Raheem Sterling.

    The victory maintained England's perfect start to the campaign and they head the standings with 12 points from their opening four matches. Slovenia are second with six points from their four games.


    England 3 - 1 Slovenia
    San Marino 0 - 0 Estonia
    Luxembourg 0 - 3 Ukraine
    Austria 1 - 0 Russia
    Moldova 0 - 1 Liechtenstein

    SOURCE: Reuters


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