Wanderers win AFC Champions League

Australian club holds off constant threats from Al-Hilal in a goalless second-leg to lift trophy for the first time.

    Juric (L) was the lone goal-scorer over the two legs [REUTERS]
    Juric (L) was the lone goal-scorer over the two legs [REUTERS]

    Western Sydney Wanderers became the first Australian winners of the AFC Champions League after they withstood an onslaught from Al Hilal to prevail 1-0 on aggregate after a goalless draw in Saudi Arabia.

    Al Hilal dominated at the King Fahd International Stadium but wasted some fantastic chances as the fledgling Wanderers, only founded in 2012, somehow held out to complete a remarkable triumph in their debut continental campaign.

    The Wanderers, who won the first leg in Sydney 1-0 last week despite waves of Al Hilal pressure, will be Asia's representatives at next month's FIFA Club World Cup.

    Last five winners:

    2014 - Western Sydney Wanderers (Australia) beat Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) 1-0 on aggregate

    2013 - Guangzhou Evergrande (China) beat FC Seoul (South Korea) 3-3 on away goals

    2012 - Ulsan Hyundai (South Korea) beat Al-Ahli (Saudia Arabia) 3-0

    2011 - Al-Sadd (Qatar) beat Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors (South Korea) 2-2 (4-2 on penalties)

    2010 - Seongnam Ilhwa Chuma (South Korea) beat Zob Ahan (Iran) 3-1 


    SOURCE: Reuters


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