Nigeria escape Fifa suspension

Football's world governing body lifts threat after court case against Nigeria football election was withdrawn.

    Nigeria has avoided a suspension twice in two months [AFP]
    Nigeria has avoided a suspension twice in two months [AFP]

    African Nations Cup champions Nigeria have escaped suspension from international football for the second time in two months.

    Football's governing body FIFA said on Monday the threat was lifted after a court case against the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) elections held on Sept. 30 was withdrawn.

    FIFA will continue to closely monitor the situation in Nigeria

    FIFA statement

    The dropping of the case paved the way for FIFA-backed NFF president Amaju Pinnick and his executive to resume their duties after they were ousted by an interim ruling last Thursday by Justice Ambrose Allagoa who placed Chris Giwa in charge.

    Judge Allagoa said the electoral congress that brought Pinnick to power was invalid but that ruling was no longer being supported by Giwa.

    "FIFA has today sent a letter to the NFF in which it takes note the order granted by the Federal High Court, nullifying the NFF elections of Sept. 30, was definitely withdrawn and that the able to carry out its activities without any hindrance," FIFA announced in a statement.

    "However, FIFA will continue to closely monitor the situation in Nigeria."

    The governing body had threatened Nigeria with a ban of at least seven months if the case was not dropped.

    The decision means the team, if they qualify, can defend their Nations Cup title in January.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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