Croatian FA urges 'end to hooliganism'

Officials urge government, society to combat the issue after Euro qualifier in Milan was twice stopped by fans' actions.

    The qualifier in Milan was stopped twice due to flares being thrown onto the pitch [AFP]
    The qualifier in Milan was stopped twice due to flares being thrown onto the pitch [AFP]

    The Croatian Football Association (HNS) has urged the country's government and "the entire society" to combat hooliganism after flare-throwing Croatia fans marred the Euro 2016 qualifier against Italy in Milan on Sunday.

    The visiting fans twice halted play, tossing flares onto the San Siro pitch and later clashed with the police. Croatian media reported that 17 fans were arrested.

    "These hooligans have shocked soccer-loving Europe and deserve nothing but condemnation of the entire society. We call upon the Croatian judiciary to process all those who took part in the incident," HNS said in a statement entitled 'Let's put an end to hooliganism' and posted on their website.

    "We also urge the other segments of the Croatian society, starting with the government, to see those incidents as the last straw, which will prompt all those in power to an energetic and decisive action."

    Croatian fans have a history of unruly behaviour ranging from racism and fascist chants to flare-throwing and clashes with the police.

    Meanwhile, UEFA has confirmed that both teams will face a disciplinary hearing that would take place on December 11.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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