Germany stunned in Euro qualifier

World champions beaten for the first time by Poland since 1933; Keane's hat-trick drives Ireland home vs Gibraltar.

    Poland had not beaten Germany since 1933 [Getty Images]
    Poland had not beaten Germany since 1933 [Getty Images]

    World Cup winners Germany will need to improve their finishing after they dominated Poland but failed to find the back of the net despite a dozen clear chances in a shock 2-0 loss in their Euro 2016 qualifier.

    The Germans, who take on Ireland in Gelsenkirchen on Tuesday, had their neighbours on the back foot from the start but neither Karim Bellarabi, making an otherwise fine debut, nor Thomas Mueller could score in the first half.

    The Germans deserved at least a goal after again dominating after the break, especially following Poland's lead in the 51st minute but their attacks lacked a clinical finish.

    With Mueller in a forward role and World Cup final hero Mario Goetze playing a few steps behind, Germany just could not make their advantage count.

    The introduction of Lukas Podolski late in the game added more attacking spark but he could only hit the bar with a thundering drive before Poland grabbed their second.

    Elsewhere, Ireland thrashed lowly Gibraltar 7-0 at the Aviva Stadium as a Robbie Keane hat-trick inside 12 minutes helped Martin O'Neil's side make it two European Championship qualifying wins from two.


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