West Ham hand Man City a shock defeat

Hammers beat the defending champions for the first time in five years with a 2-1 win that consolidates their position.

    West Ham are just one point behind City on the table [AFP]
    West Ham are just one point behind City on the table [AFP]

    West Ham United maintained their impressive start to the season when they beat champions Manchester City 2-1 at Upton Park to consolidate their place in the top-four of the Premier League.

    Manager Sam Allardyce described it as "a famous win" after Hammers beat City for the first time in five years for their third successive victory.

    The result was a blow for City who could be eight points behind leaders Chelsea if Jose Mourinho's men win at Manchester United on Sunday.

    The Hammers went ahead in the 21st minute when Morgan Amalfitano was left unmarked at the far post and reacted quickest to a low, spinning cross from Enner Valencia to stab the ball in from close range with goal-keeper Joe Hart stranded.

    They doubled their lead in the 75th minute when Diafra Sakho became the first West Ham player to score in six successive Premier League matches.

    But within two minutes City pulled one back with a superb individual strike from David Silva who jinked his way through the West Ham defence to curl home past Adrian.

    The defeat left City on 17 points from nine matches, five points behind leaders Chelsea before their game on Sunday. West Ham remained fourth on 16 points from their opening nine games.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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