Suarez feared Barca won't sign him

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez had thought biting ban would ruin his career and chances of playing for Barcelona.

    Suarez is set to make his Barcelona debut against Real Madrid this Saturday [REUTERS]
    Suarez is set to make his Barcelona debut against Real Madrid this Saturday [REUTERS]

    Luis Suarez feared he had destroyed his career and that Barcelona would not want to sign him following his four-month ban for biting at the World Cup.

    The Uruguayan signed for Barca from Liverpool for $103.5m despite the ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini when playing against Italy in Brazil.

    He will be available to make his much-awaited debut on Saturday in the broiling atmosphere of an El Clasico against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

    "I thought that I had ruined my career. At the start I didn't want to speak to anyone, I hid away behind my family although later I thought about it, I said sorry and I felt relief as a result," Suarez told Spanish television.

    "When the talks began with Barcelona and when (his agent) Pere Guardiola phoned me to say that it was all done I started to cry due to the situation that I was in and for the support that Barcelona were offering me.

    "I had been worried that Barca would decide against it due to all the repercussions from the situation."

    Suarez is keeping his fingers crossed that Barca coach Luis Enrique will play him against Real. 

    SOURCE: Reuters


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