Spain shocked in Euro qualifiers

Reigning champions crash to a 2-1 loss in Slovakia; England thrash San Marino 5-0; Sweden hold on against Russia.

    Kucka had given Slovakia the surprise lead in the 17th minute [REUTERS]
    Kucka had given Slovakia the surprise lead in the 17th minute [REUTERS]

    Holders Spain crashed to a shock defeat after substitute Miroslav Stoch nodded a late goal to earn Slovakia a 2-1 victory in Euro 2016 Group C qualifying.

    A powerful, swerving free kick from Juraj Kucka in the 17th minute that deceived goalkeeper Iker Casillas put the hosts ahead.

    Substitute Paco Alcacer levelled eight minutes from time but any hopes the visitors had of snatching a winner were shattered when Stoch headed past Casillas in the 87th.

    Slovakia, who won 1-0 in Ukraine in their opening qualifier last month, top the group on a maximum six points and Spain have three after they began their campaign with a 5-1 win at home to Macedonia.

    England's goal fest

    Elsewhere, England duly beat San Marino 5-0 to maintain their perfect start to their qualifying campaign but laboured for long periods against the joint-worst team in the world at a half-full Wembley.

    England went ahead when Phil Jagielka headed home a corner after 24 minutes, doubled their lead when Wayne Rooney scored his 42nd England goal from a 43rd-minute penalty and added a third in the 49th minute when Danny Welbeck smashed home a cross from his Arsenal team mate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Andros Townsend, who replaced Welbeck on 66 minutes made it 4-0 six minutes after coming on, scoring with a fierce shot that bounced in between goalkeeper Aldo Simoncini and his near post.

    The fifth was an own goal from Alessandro Della Valle who deflected a cross shot from Rooney into his own net after 77 minutes.

    Ola Toivonen's second-half goal crowned a gutsy fight back to give Sweden a 1-1 draw with Russia

    Russia took the lead in the 10th minute when Alexsandr Kokorin surged through the middle before cutting back onto his right foot and rolling the ball tantalisingly through the legs Mikael Antonsson and past the despairing dive of Andreas Isaksson.

    In for the injured Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Toivonen pulled Sweden level in the 49th minute, turning home Durmaz's low cross before being replaced by Johan Elmander eight minutes later after injuring a hamstring.


    Belarus 0 Ukraine 2
    Macedonia 3 Luxembourg 2
    Slovakia 2 Spain 1
    England 5 San Marino 0
    Lithuania 1 Estonia 0
    Slovenia 1 Switzerland 0
    Liechtenstein 0 Montenegro 0
    Moldova 1 Austria 2
    Sweden 1 Russia 1

    SOURCE: Reuters


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