Barcelona, Real demolish opposition

Ronaldo scores 27th career hat-trick in Real Madrid's win while Messi inspires Barcelona's thrashing of Levante.

    Ronaldo has now scored nine away hat-tricks in his career [Getty Images]
    Ronaldo has now scored nine away hat-tricks in his career [Getty Images]

    Lionel Messi completed a sparkling performance by chipping the goal-keeper from the edge of the area as Barcelona swept aside ten-man Levante 5-0 away to continue their winning start at the top of La Liga.

    Barca have 12 points from 12 so far under new boss Luis Enrique.

    "We managed to overcome some errors and counter-attacks. Overall I am happy as we scored goals and we know it is never easy the weekend after Champions League games," Luis Enrique told a news conference.

    "This is only the fourth game and we will have see where we are later on in the season. We always try to open up games and how we do that depends on factors including the opposition and their virtues. We managed to deal with the threat (from Levante) and we worked well as a team."

    On Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo hit his 27th career hat-trick for seventh-placed Real Madrid in a 8-2 away thrashing of Deportivo La Coruna while champions Atletico Madrid in third were held 2-2 at home by Celta Vigo.

    It was the first time Real have scored eight goals in an away match in La Liga and just the tonic the European champions needed after defeats at Real Sociedad and at home to champions Atletico Madrid.

    Carlos Bacca bagged two and Stephane M'Bia got the other as Sevilla went second on Sunday with a 3-1 victory at promoted Cordoba whose consolation came from Borja Garcia.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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