Anelka signs with Indian football league

Former France striker Nicolas Anelka joins the Mumbai franchise in the football league that kicks off from October 12.

    Anelka has been banned for five games for a racially aggravated celebration [REUTERS]
    Anelka has been banned for five games for a racially aggravated celebration [REUTERS]

    Nicolas Anelka has become the latest high-profile name to sign up for the inaugural Indian Super League (ISL) after the Mumbai franchise announced the signing of the former French striker.

    The 35-year-old, who has played for a host of English Premier League clubs including Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool, will join compatriots David Trezeguet and Robert Pires in the league, that will run from October 12 to December 20.

    "I am pleased to join Mumbai City FC and through it participate in the exciting Indian Super League," Anelka said. "Talented international players and top Indian talent will make matches thrilling affairs. I look forward to using my ability to do well for my team in the matches we play."

    The striker's plans, however, could be delayed by the five-match ban imposed in England for a racially aggravated goal celebration that led to his departure from West Bromwich Albion in March.

    FIFA was asked by the English Football Association in March to ensure Anelka's ban was applied worldwide if he tried to sign for another club.

    Former England midfielder Peter Reid will manage the Mumbai franchise, co-owned by Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, and they have also signed former Germany centre back Manuel Friedrich.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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